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Connecting the world, one app at a time

Syntonic’s Connected Services PlatformTM

Your company invested in mobile. Now extend your application, product, service, or content to reach devices that are not adequately served by existing data plans.

The Syntonic Connected Services Platform provides new opportunities to enrich the mobile device experience. Syntonic helps everyone move beyond traditional data plans by bundling mobile content with mobile connectivity. Our platform gives you more ways to earn value from your customers and realize savings from end-users.

No device or application modifications are required! Syntonic’s platform is in-network, cloud managed, OS, and device independent. We work with mobile operators to provide a great new experience of content delivered outside of the traditional data plan. 

The Syntonic Connected Services Platform works with any mobile application, service, or content. We support a wide range of business verticals such as Consumer, Enterprise, Education, Automotive, and Healthcare. Syntonic enables new product solutions and business opportunities for content publishers, application developers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, retailers, and solution providers.

Open up a whole new world of connectivity powered by content.

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The Syntonic Connected Services Platform lets you quickly build and deploy applications, services, and content to reach devices beyond traditional data plans. We provide in-depth solutions across a wide range of business verticals such as Consumer, Enterprise, Education, Automotive, and Healthcare.







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Syntonic was formed in 2012 by a team of high-tech veterans with expertise in mobile computing, architecting large-scale multi-platform client-service solutions, and implementing innovative B2B and B2C commercial models. With the team’s market proven development skills, Syntonic developed the Connected Services Platform for pairing applications with 3G/4G connectivity. This advanced service platform empowers the mobile value chain with new ways to capture customer value based on content consumption, not megabyte data usage.

The Syntonic corporate headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington.

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