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Syntonic’s Connected Services PlatformTM

You invested in mobile. Now extend your application, product, service, or content to reach devices that have been limited to Wi-Fi networks.

The Syntonic Connected Services Platform provides new opportunities to enrich mobile devices. Syntonic delivers application specific bandwidth, giving you more ways to efficiently acquire, engage, monetize or earn value from your customers. No device or application modifications are required! Syntonic’s cloud-based platform is network, OS, and device independent.

The Syntonic Connected Services Platform works with any mobile application, service, or content. We support a wide range of verticals such as Consumer, Enterprise, Education, Automotive, and Healthcare. Syntonic delivers new and extended business opportunities for content publishers, application developers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, retailers, and solution providers.

Open up a whole new world of mobile connectivity.

  • Differentiate your offer
  • Be targeted and agile
  • Deliver cost-efficiency
  • Increase your reach
  • Enhanced monetization
  • Strengthen your market posiion
  • Get to market quickly
  • It's easy to build your offer
  • Connectivity that's secure and reliable

Your Market Solution

The Syntonic Connected Services Platform lets you quickly build and deploy applications, services, and content to reach devices that are not covered by data plans. We provide in-depth solutions across a wide range of verticals such as Consumer, Enterprise, Education, Automotive, and Healthcare

About Us


Syntonic Wireless was formed in 2012 by a team of high-tech veterans with expertise  in mobile computing, architecting large-scale multi-platform client-service solutions, and implementing innovative B2B and B2C commercial models. With the team’s market proven development team, Syntonic Wireless developed the Connected Services Platform for coupling applications with 3G/4G connectivity. This innovative service platform empowers the mobile value chain with a new means to capture customer value based on content consumption, not MB data usage. 

The Syntonic corporate headquarters is based in Bellevue, Washington.

The Syntonic News


February 21, 2014
Barcelona, Spain

Syntonic Wireless announces availability of it’s Connected Services Platform live from biggest mobile stage, Mobile World Congress 2014.

Syntonic Wireless, Inc., an emerging leader in enabling innovative business models for monetizing content access on mobile devices, announces the release of its core technology: the Syntonic Connected Services Platform (CSP). The Syntonic platform is an open and extensible platform for delivering connected content to any mobile computing device without requiring modifications to the content, application, or the device.

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ACPE logo

May 7-9, 2014 / The ACPE Northwest Annual Conference

Syntonic Wireless, Inc., a Gold Sponsor of the 2014 ACPE Northwest conference, announces its offer to work with a local school to bridge the growing digital access divide in Education. The Syntonic Education Solution will be used to enable student anywhere access to their school assigned, web-based homework and enrichment activities where home Internet access is not available.

July 9 – 11, 2014
Sprint Mobility Summit

Meet the Syntonic team and attend their panel discussion “Tapping the MVNO Ecosystem: Parnter Solutions that Drive Growth” moderated by Sprint Wholesale Solutions.

July 10, 2014
Seattle, Washington

Syntonic Wireless announces the introduction of the Syntonic Sponsored Content Store℠ for eligible AT&T mobile subscribers. Powered by the Syntonic Connected Services Platform — which couples mobile apps and content with 3G/4G connectivity — the sponsored content store provides an open marketplace where AT&T wireless customers can access free or premium mobile content without impacting their data plans.

To register for the Syntonic Sponsored Content Store beta release, please sign-up at .

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